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Our events cover a variety of terrain that includes hill, moor & mountain terrain.  When you enter any of our events it is entirely at your own risk including but not limited to getting lost, trips and falls, road crossings, river crossings and all other hazards that may be encountered on the trail.

On registration you will complete & disclaimer prior to collecting bibs etc - This may be also completed onmline but you will be notified prior.

You will attend the safety breif that will be givenand mandatory prior to ALL our events. It is YOUR responsibility to attend this.


Dogs under 12 months old are not to be entered into any  of our events.  For the Longer Distances and of certain breeds this may be older.  Please contact  us if you are unsure.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your dog is fit and conditioned for the longer distances prior to or you understand that you are building up the distance.

Before participating in any of our events we strongly advise you to get your dog checked by a Veterinary Professional.

If you participate with two dogs then Cani-Trail UK cannot be held responsible for loss of control, injury or anything else that may occur as a result of doing so.

All dogs are to be run / trekked in a "Non Restrictive" dog harness used for dog sports such as Canicross.  "Non Restrictive" means it does not impede the natural shoulder movement of the dogs shoulders or or restrict breathing.   If you are unsure PRIOR to entry then please contact us and we can advise.  Race Directors decision is final.

A bungee line is also required that attaches from the dogs harness to a waistbelt on the human.  Waistbelts are to be used at all time and no dogs are to be free ran or by hand held (on collar & lead) at anytime during our events.

Where a Mandatory kit list is required it is there for a reason "YOUR SAFETY".  If at anytime kit  is not taken after being checked or not found on a spot check then you will be immediately taken out of the event.

Littering will result in immediate disqualification. Respect the trails at all times. If you are caught littering you will be banned from all future events. Dog Poo - Please bag it and drop in nearest bin on route or at worst case scenario at a checkpoint. 

Our Events can be remote and you may encounter livestock on route - We endeavour to ensure that  all routes are safe but we cannot guarantee no livestock , especially in remote areas.   if you do so you are to adopt the following:

  • Stop and let it pass

  • In an emergency (eg Cows) un clip your dog and DO NOT RUN!!!

  • DO NOT run through flocks of sheep as they may be pregnant or have young lambs - let them pass or walk.

  • Horse Riders Stop and ask the rider any instructions on what to do.

We regularly liase with and have a good rapport with Land Owners and dont want this to change over anyones unnecssary stupidity.

Please also adhere to the Countryside Code at all times: The Countryside Code A5 Leaflet (

Cani-Trail UK use an outside company that are trained professional medical staff to a minimum of  Paramedic standard and in many cases above that will be on duty throughout the duration of the event.  In all cases in the event of any potential medical issues the medics decision is final.

Our marshals are all volunteers that give up their spare time so please be courteous and respectful, especially if they have been tasked in areas such as kit checks.


We have a strict NO REFUNDS policy.  Once entries open to our events we pay for event facilities to private clients such as hall hire, tracker hire, medals etc  (to name a few things) We are also charged a percentage taken out of entry fees from the likes of Eventbrite and PayPal.

NO REFUNDS are through entries via both Eventbrite and PayPal 

We aim to keep our entry fees as low as practically possible.


Whilst we understand circumstances may change, injuries occur we will do whatever we can to either try to get you on a future event.  If we do transfer a place there will be a 25% administration fee plus any fee charged on entry.  

We also may not be able to offer you the same event the following year as this may not be confirmed at the time so an alternative may be offered.


We reserve the right to change any routes at anytime.  This will be not taken lightly and any decision will be down to safety grounds.


In the event that an event is cancelled at short notice (on safety griunds , weather etc) we will provide TWO future dates for the event at our own expense.  The idea being if you cannot get to one you should be able to get to another.

If you cannot get to both then it is not our responsibility.  We will also allow a transfer to a future event


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