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Cani-Trail is a Family and inclusive for ALL.....


Cani-Trail was set up as there is no longer distance K9 running events solely for dogs and their human passengers in the UK.

It is inclusive of ALL fitness abilities & breeds of dog.   You can run or trek our events as there are no time limits.  

Our Race Director is ex military and a former dog handler completing a number of K9 Biathlons whilst in the services and has participated for the past 13 years in many Ultra Marathons with his dogs in (including his old husky x breed & current Vizslas) both in the UK & France, along with Bikejoring and many Cani-cross events.  


More recently he has trekked across the Island of Corsica and the GR20 with one of his dogs & the French Alps and spent time in Alaska participating in mid distance sled dog races.

Summer 2023 he trekked across the French Alps (Tour de Beaufortain) with two of his Hungarian Vizslas and self sufficient

It is this experience & passion that he brings to Cani-Trail and to you and the Cani-Trail Family.

Our routes are also dog friendly tried and tested by our own 3 Hungarian Vizslas, something that you dont get when you tag onto a human event.


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